Economy and Trade

Economy and Investment

Croatia recently made huge efforts to attract foreign investment by continuing to move the economy forward in attempt to create new jobs. There are many sectors in which there are many investment opportunities including:

The energy sector:

A lot of efforts in this area have been made for the sake of cooperation in order to create a liquefied natural gas plant in the town of "Omišalj" on the coastal Croatian island of Krk , which is considered as a strategic project of the Republic of Croatia  to avoid the heavy reliance on Russian gas and allows room for diversifying sources  of energy as Croatia seeks to be an important player in providing the central and South-Eastern Europe with gas, which is the most important source of energy for the foreseeable future and the remote area. In addition to the possible investment in the field of electric power, which Croatia imports  an equivalent 40% of its consumption from abroad, to create a thermal electricity production stations which works  on   eco-friendly gas power.


Croatia has wide spaces of fertile agricultural land and specifically in the “Slavonija" area of eastern Croatia which is considered the inexhaustible bread basket, as well as the possibility of cooperation with some Croatian food companies such as giant "Agrokor" companies, which includes many diverse companies and controls largely the Croatian food market as well as the company " Vindija" for food production and others.

Slavonia County

It must be noted in this regard that it can establish a new Croatian company or joint venture for the purchase of agricultural land and Croatian activated due to the absence of a legal framework that allows foreigners to buy agricultural land so far.

Tourism sector :

The tourism sector of Croatia is the most economic field in Croatia in need for foreign investments, in the absence of tourist facilities and recreational sufficient, such as a sufficient number of high-end hotels where is no more than five-star hotels or luxury apartments and villas as well as luxury Yacht marinas which are strongly required. There is a huge untapped potential in this area, especially in the many Croatian islands scattered off the coast, which attracts a large numbers of foreign tourists visiting Croatia every summer.

We can’t forget  the protected natural parks (7 parks are considered natural reserves), which are one of the most beautiful areas of Europe, especially the " Plitvice" natural park of waterfalls and lakes that fall within the list of UNESCO nature reserves where outweigh the numbers of visitors in the summer period only of  one million tourist .

Shipbuilding sector:

Croatia is one of the few countries in the world, which has extensive experience in the field of shipbuilding, which derive from the experiences of the former Yugoslavia, which was at a time, one of the first countries in the world in the field of shipbuilding. And despite the problems of that sector due to the global economic crisis, there are also potential possibilities for cooperation because of the Croatian enormous building and maintenance experiences of all types of commercial  and military vessels  as well as  the great experiences in the field of maintenance of floating oil and gas platforms.

Seaports sector:

There is a big potential for investment in the ports especially Rijeka Port at the Northern Adriatic sea , which started to be important after Croatia has joined the European Union and its expected to outperform Kopar port in Slovenia, as a gateway for goods imported from the East to the European Union.

Air ports sector:

Due to the significant increase in the numbers of flights in summer, for the transfer of millions of tourists, there is a great opportunity to invest in the expansion of  airports such as Airports  of the coastal cities " Rijeka" ,  Zadar" , "Split" and                   " Dubrovnik ' Besides the possibility of the creation of small airports in the islands to connect them with each other and to main land.

The railway sector:

Croatian Railways company with debt accumulation totaling billions of Croatian kunas , made the sole owner “ the State “to look for a strategic partner willing to develop and invest to upgrade  the potential  in the cargo or passenger transport.

 Health sector :

The Croatian health sector has many expertise cadres with international experiences that can be exploited to improve the performance of the health sector in Qatar, especially in the field of treatment of diabetes which is prevalent in the Arabian Gulf, as well as in the rehabilitation of patients with fractures and physiotherapy where Croatia is one of the leading countries. Also, there is the possibility of investment in Croatian spas many unused or partly underutilized especially those with health mineral hot water.