Do and Do not

Rules of concern to citizens in the host country.

  • In the Republic of Croatia the local currency (kuna) is used exclusively, and foreign currency exchangecan be done in banks , exchange offices , post offices and most travel agencies and hotels, also the use of global banking cardsis possible (Visa - American - Diners- MasterCard) in most places.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places such as restaurants, complexes and public transportation (bus - tram), cafes, only allows smoking in designated smoking places.
  • Foreign driver's license can be used for three months when you visit Croatia, a tourist visa is valid for 90 days.
  • Commitment to the speed limit and fasten seat belts is mandatory, as well as driving with lights lit during the winter period as well as the use of winter tiresis mandatory from the date of November 15, and to be replaced for summer tires during the spring period from the date of April15of each year.
  • When traveling with a pet it’s a must to provide the necessary veterinary health certificate and vaccination certificate emptiness of ailments.