Culture and Heritage

Croatian society

Croatian society is conservative and religious (Catholic) devoted together if compared to some of the other European countries, they are very welcoming to foreigners and they have the typical hospitality and generosity of the Mediterranean nations. The Croatians came to these regions in the seventh century,   but historians are still at odds over the areas from which they came. There is a theory that the origin of the Croats is from Iran, the current area, while others believe that they came from the north-eastern regions of Europe 

Culture and Heritage

Despite its small size and small population, Croatia enjoys a cultural legacy and a rich heritage and diverse which extends deep into history since the era  of Illyrians through Greek and Roman empires ,the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire as well. And Croats had succeeded adaptation and coexistence with all those civilizations while preserving their own culture attributes that inherited through the generations.

People and Politics

Croatian people are one of the most European nations to follow the politics due to the circumstances that were going through since they came to these areas and because of the dangers that they faced the last two decades, since the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and the independence of Croatia. In addition to the organic link between economics and politics, especially in the latter stages, and the economic crisis that they are going through.